South Florida Web Hosting
A hometown company... with world-class service!
  Locally owned and operated in South Florida
More than twenty years of experience
A local, "hardened" data-center
There is a distinct advantage to working with a hometown company; we can afford to give you personal attention that you deserve. South Florida Web Hosting shares offices with our sister company, Smallrock Internet Services, in Coral Gables just south of downtown Miami. In fact, we are on the second floor of the Century Bank building at 3001 Ponce de Leon Blvd. That's just across the street from the Miami-Dade Courthouse and Christy's Steakhouse. Feel free to contact us for that personal level of support that only a hometown company can provide. If you're in South Florida and want some really personal attention, we can even visit you!

You just can't beat the level of experience that South Florida Web Hosting and Smallrock Internet Services can provide. Our engineers have been administrating and programming for the Unix operating system and it's derivatives since before it was commercially available in the 1970s. And we have been administrating and programming for Microsoft Windows in all of its versions since the original version appeared in the mid-1980s.

We were involved from the beginning with the original network built by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), long before the National Science Foundation began the migration where it became the public Internet. We even participated in the first implementations of the network protocols in the UNIX operating system! And when the World Wide Web came along, we were right there developing sites before commercial browsers ever existed and the network protocols were still under development. We certainly are not just a group of people who got into the Web hosting business; we were designing computer programs and administrating computer networks long before the Internet was popular. Can your other providers say the same?

What all customers desire from a Web hosting provider is reliability, security, and speed. South Florida Web Hosting has a single answer for all three of these requirements: the data center. While our offices are in Coral Gables, the equipment that supports our services is located at the NAP of the Americas data center in downtown Miami.

The Internet is supported by a number of major communication carriers who link together at various locations around the world so that information can cross between their networks. At these locations data transfer between the carriers is measured in hundreds of billions of bits of data per second. Contrast that to a regular Internet connection at your home or business where the information flow is measured in thousands of bits per second. A first-tier NAP such as the NAP of the Americas is a place where all of the major carriers come together. There are only eleven of these locations world-wide. You can't find another place where you can get a higher speed connection to the Internet, and your customers, than having your equipment located right here.

The NAP of the Americas was designed from the ground up as a fist-tier data center, and Miami was chosen for its communication proximity to all of the Americas. Even though Miami is known for its hurricanes, the NAP is designed to withstand whatever may be thrown at it. The building is designed for the strongest hurricane forces imaginable, it is outside of the hurricane-flood evacuation zone, the equipment is located on the upper floors above any possible storm surge from the bay that may reach inland, redundant electrical power is completely self contained on-site, and terrestrial communication links are backed up by satellite. In short, this building is completely self-sufficient. The level of trust is so high that the local and federal goverment agencies in South Florida have co-located their own backup data center equipment in this very building in case their own facilities are damaged. You can rest assured that you cannot find a Web hosting provider anywhere in the world who can offer a faster, safer, more secure or reliable solution than where we have chosen to place our services.

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