Bring everyone together
    with Microsoft Outlook 2003TM and Exchange 2005TM

Are you tired of trying to schedule appointments without knowing an associate's availablility? Looking for a telephone number you know that your spouse has but they aren't at their computer? E-mail gets to your PDA but is removed from you mailbox? We can solve all of these and much more by moving your business or family from simple e-mail to Exchange!

Use the full power of Outlook to organize and manage your private world by adding powerful contact management, task management and scheduling. Outlook can access your e-mail, contacts, task list and calendar from anywhere in the world. And if your computer isn't handy you can access everything from a convenient Web interface that looks just like Outlook.

Exchange adds the power of finding common availibility to schedule events between multiple people and accessing (with their permission) other user's calenders and contact lists. And you can create public folders and contact lists that are available to all of your users.

Do you want to go truely mobile? Exchange is completely integrated with BlackBerrys, PDAs and even some cell-phones allowing them to connect right to the server and provide you with up-to the minute information from e-mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar. And no more lost e-mails, because they stay right on the server!

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